Lord Hattersley: How my married mother ran off with the priest two weeks after he officiated at her wedding


By  Catherine Pepinster,

Lord Hattersley with his mother and father on a family holiday in Bridlington 1937

When a Catholic priest runs off with the bride at whose wedding he officiated just two weeks before, it inevitably causes a scandal.

Even more so when the priest Frederick Hattersley and his lover Enid O’Hara became parents a little over a year later to a child who will become one of the towering and most popular political figures of the late 20th century.

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Married priests, celibacy not the focus for next synod of bishops


John-Henry Westen / LifeSiteNews.com

VATICAN, October 7, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — The 2018 synod of Catholic bishops will focus on “Youth, faith and vocational discernment” rather than priestly celibacy.

The Vatican announced the theme of the 2018 synod Thursday, saying that Pope Francis agreed to the theme in consultation with bishops’ conferences, the Eastern Catholic Churches, and “having listened to the suggestions of the Fathers of the last synodal assembly.”

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Juggling roles ‘daunting challenge’ for married priests


Eastern rite, ordinariate clergy find fulfillment in balancing family life, serving their parishes

Father Wissam Akiki of St. Joseph Maronite Church in Phoenix poses with his wife, Manal, and their two daughters. Courtesy photo

Father Joshua Whitfield, 37, is a busy diocesan priest at St. Rita Catholic Community in Dallas. A recent Saturday saw him celebrating both a funeral and a vigil Mass, hearing confessions for two hours and attending an evening parish social. While his schedule is typical for a parish priest, there is one key difference: At home, he has a wife and four small children waiting for him.

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Interview with a Priest and His Wife: “This Is a Whole New World”


Marysville church’s Catholic priest brings along his wife

Karin McMicheal with her husband, the Rev. Tom McMichael, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Marysville. McMichael converted from the Lutheran Church and has served St. Mary’s for a year. Photo: Kevin Clark / The Herald

MARYSVILLE — When the Rev. Tom McMichael arrived at St. Mary Catholic Church in January, he had already introduced himself in a “Pastor’s Page” letter on the parish website. In his note, he wrote of looking forward “with joy and hope” to serving at the church. And he added a surprising detail: “I am a Catholic priest and I am married.”

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Hope for married Roman Catholic priests to get back into ministry


CITI  Who are they ? 

CITI (Celibacy Is The Issue/Community is The Intent) is a lay organization calling married Roman Catholic priests back into ministry to serve the spiritual needs of the people of God. According to church law (canon law), “After it has been validly received sacred ordination never becomes invalid.” Canon 290 Therefore, married priests are not “ex” or “former” priests, they are still priests. Please join CITI if you are someone who supports a married priesthood or if you are a resigned priest who has been validly ordained in the Roman Catholic rite. Description of their website page ‘About us’ to follow, please visit their site!  Continue reading

The Choice: Local Priest speaks about “married priesthood


The choice – Love or Religion?

AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – News 4 first introduced you to Frank and Mary Ann Endres earlier this month. The former Priest and Nun met in a Buffalo catholic church more then 45 years ago. They made the decision to leave the Catholic Church. Now they’re fighting for the “married Priesthood.”

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The new push to end priestly celibacy


Those who want to overturn the ancient discipline are energetic, well organised and influential. But can they persuade Pope Francis to make such a radical change?

by Jon Anderson

Priests lie on the floor as Pope Francis leads a Mass during their ordination ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica (AP Photo/Alessandro Bianchi, Pool)

The Catholic Church is once again embroiled in arguments about whether priestly celibacy has a place in today’s world. As Catholicism in most Western countries faces a rapidly ageing priesthood, a severe shortage of vocations and declining congregations, abolishing or at least relaxing the ancient rule has become a major item on the agenda of those who advocate large-scale change in the Church. Moreover, the very idea of requiring perpetual celibacy from the clergy seems odd to today’s secular society. Continue reading

Pope John Paul II letters raise debate about celibacy


Emotionally charged letters sent by Pope John Paul II to a married woman have shed new light on the pontiff’s personal life and raised questions about the meaning of celibacy.

Tymieniecka and Cardinal Karol Wojtyla in 1977Photograph provided by Bill and Jadwiga Smith

His relationship with Polish-born American philosopher Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka lasted more than 30 years, and researchers believe Ms Tymieniecka fell in love with the future Pope, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, in the early days of their friendship.

February 15, 2016, Europe
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Married Priests. The Germany-Brazil Axis


In the accounts of a German theologian and a Brazilian bishop, Francis’s plan to allow local exceptions to the norm of clerical celibacy. Beginning with the Amazon.

An exchange of letters, a conversation, and an innovation already become law confirm the intentions of Pope Francis to extend the presence of married clergy in the Catholic Church, as already anticipated in this article from www.chiesa: The Next Synod Is Already in the Works. On Married Priests 

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