Here are a few books worth reading. It will bring up all the rainbow of emotions.

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 Most PForbidden Fruit: True Story of My Secret Love Affair with Ireland’sowerful Bishop, by Annie Murphy


A true story of a woman describes the story of her affair with Eamonn Casey, who later becomes the Bishop of Galway, the birth of their son, and her years of hardship. Reprint.

Keeping the Vow -The untold story of Married Catholic Priests, by Dr. Paul Sullins

Each chapter of this book is centered on a particular question that people ask about married Catholic priests.

This book is based on a study of 72 married priests and their wives involving 115 interviews and three surveys over a period of 4 years ( 2007-2010).

 Everybody Calls My Father, Father, based on a true story–the story of the author’s parents, by Tim ‘Dr. Hope’ Anders

Everybody calls me fatherThe character of a tenacious young woman, Bouvette Sherwood, who is a successful New York Broadway producer and actress, drives the plot.  In the mid 1940s Bouvette meets and falls in love with a charming alcoholic, Hughie Hewitt.  He has a secret though, which he keeps from her during their intense courtship–he is a Catholic priest. Their love story unfolds into a kaleidoscope of intrigue, suspense, betrayal, and romance. calls my Father, Father

Imbalance of Power, the victims no ones talk about: women in love with priests and the children of those affairs, by Patricia Bond

Imbalance of PowerPatricia Bond was a vulnerable young woman with a failing marriage when she went to a Franciscan priest for counselling. What followed was an all-to common story of seduction, unfair advantage and grief.  Imbalance of Power  is a memoir of Bond’s ongoing struggle to gain support for her son Nathan, whose biological father was Father Henry Willenborg.  As Nathan fought cancer, his mother faced intransigent church leaders, legal battles and mounting medical bills. This story is so unique; in fact, it is inherent of the victimization of women and the children of priests by those in power in the Catholic Church. Imbalance of Power

Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle with Faith and Love, by Fr. Albert Cutié.

Albert CutiéHe was a Roman Catholic priest whose love affair became headline news. Now, he shares his explosive story-in his own words…

In this deeply personal and controversial memoir, Father Albert Cutié tells about the devastating struggle between upholding his sacred promises as a priest and falling in love. Already conflicted with growing ideological differences with the Church, Cutié was forced to abruptly change his life the day that he was photographed on the beach, embracing the woman he would later call his wife. Dilemma

Priests in Love  Roman Catholic Clergy and Their Intimate Relationships,  by Jane Anderson

downloadIn the 1960s and ‘70s, thousands of Roman Catholic priests left the active ministry to get married. Nothing like this had been seen on this scale since the French Revolution, and before that since the Reformation. in Love



Oh, Man! When You Suffer From Evil int the Church,by Alexandra Louisington


Alexandra shares some of her own stories of abuse in the church and shares a special message of hope and healing that God has laid on her heart to help you and others.
Her heart goes out to you if you have also suffered financial abuse, social abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse in the church. She has suffered all these kinds of abuse in the church which she will be sharing in future books as God enables her. Oh Man! When You Suffer From Evil in the Church

Perfect: a love story, by J.C. Soucier

A mesmerizing memoir; a most riveting story. It tells of human weakness as it unfolds into a beautiful, intense, loving relationship that challenges the survival of forbidden passion.   

 Father Matthew is a Catholic priest serving in a parish in Lewiston, Maine. Judy Soucier is a twenty-six year old divorcee who lives in Brunswick and teaches in Lewiston. They met at that party that was going on in Lewiston in July of 69. Their elusive turned enticing connection eventually begins challenging the depth of commitment in Father’s vows of celibacy and obedience as they slowly and most discreetly slip into their very own secret world. a love story

Married Catholic Priests : Their History, Their Journeys, Their Reflections, by Anthony P. Kowalski

kowalski's book--cover3

In the current crisis over the shortage of celibate male Catholic priests, the solution of ordaining married men is hotly debated. Married Catholic Priests shows us the remarkable experience of American Catholic priests who marry and continue their Christian journey. In part a fascinating historical review, the book also includes the varied experiences of married priests in our time, whether active in the church or not. Kowalski manifests a strong faith, a positive affirmation of church and priesthood, and a welcoming embrace of the stirrings of the Spirit in these times.

Faith, Hope and Chastity: Honest Reflections on the Catholic Priesthood, by Carolyn Butler

41SN2XCH9GL._SX295_BO1,204,203,200_An honest and searching book exploring the life and work of a selection of Catholic priests today. What are the struggles faced by priests, and how do they overcome them? How do they view their vocation in the modern world? The contributors speak openly and freely on issues of concern: celibacy and loneliness, homosexuality, social justice, spirituality, child abuse. Contributions include: Fr Timothy Radcliffe, Master of the Dominican Order, on the pain and loneliness of life as a monk • Cardinal Winning talks about his life and ministry, and reflects on the papacy of John Paul II • Fr Michael Seed on his extraordinary childhood and its effect on his work as a priest • Bishop Vincent Nichols on his upbringing in Liverpool and the ups and downs of a bishop’s life • Fr Philip Inch, a young priest living alone in a new presbytery talks of celibacy and the need for relationships • Stuart Carney, a trainee Jesuit, tells of his decision to abandon a promising career in medicine for the priesthood • An anonymous priest speaks out on homosexuality.