To be content and remain in the present moment


The key to daily happiness.

In our Society, we are bound to want, and we want it now. It is also part of our nature, and it is not always for our good. Mostly when it comes to the struggles we encounter – we want answers. This seemingly trivial but finer point of impatience is what I would like to discuss.

One day or another, we must face some event or situation that makes us suffer to varying degrees. Being human, we typically want to know why it is happening to us and we want answers right away because we feel hurt, sad, or disappointed.

It is valid to question our situation, but we don’t have to have the answer right away. We only need to know that whatever we are going through at that moment is for our growth, to learn how to cope the appropriate way with the present situation and to acquire wisdom. If we love ourselves enough, during these trials, we will allow ourselves to evolve so that we can become stronger. We need not be destroyed by what is happening in our lives at the moment or drive ourselves crazy over not knowing the reason why it happens. Acknowledge that it is a choice to have a positive outlook on the negative aspect of the situation, a silver lining, despite the pain it causes. It is the best way to go about it if we want a healthy and constructive outcome.

– To be content and remain in the present

The minute we surrender to the present moment, we open the door for the answers to the ”why” questions that will come in their own good time. However, for as long as we do not let go, we make the suffering worse, and it takes longer to heal.

I found myself having to go through a lot before I was able to grow, learn to take it one day at the time, to abandon myself to the Divine Providence and to remain in the now. That was liberating for me; it also reduced the pain. Once I realized that I didn’t have the power to change the situation I was in; I only had the power to change myself. That is when life became much easier. By disciplining my mind to remain in the present moment and live contented, I gained strength, peace, and serenity. It didn’t bother me anymore to know -why- it was happening to me. I simply accepted it and surrendered to the present reality. As a result, the answers came later, some of them by my self-reflections and some through other means such as reading, events,  friends or other people. It took me years to overcome this difficulty because I was the one who was self-inflicting this suffering.

It is not an easy thing to do when it comes to cultivating the present moment with contentment, but it is worth it when we can enjoy the fruits of our efforts. The fruits are that you can heal gradually while being at peace with the situation. You are also able to face any situation or event with better tools for your future.

So live in the present moment and be content in believing that what is happening is for the purpose of self-growth. The purpose is for you – and you deserve the best you can give yourself.

 Written by Louise Ouellet, Oct. 9th, 2015